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The Hoax of the Animal Radicals Movement
What to do to Protect Your Rights to Own Animals!

Catching Wild Pigs
Group Blasts Phony 'Physicians Committee'

Shame On You...
MoFed President Sees VP USA
Animal Research Saves Lives
Making A Circus Of Justice
Confiscation of Horses
Our President Speaks
Anti Terror Bill

Jim Beers Article
Gun Shows and Guns
Derry Brownfield Show Ad

PPA Endorsements

Right of Use and Ownership Act

Background and Information
on Animal Rights
Info on Prop B
Myth, Myth!

Animal Research is for Human Welfare
PETA Has a Cow
Poem to My Son
Stop the Donations

The truth about animal rights organizations
Long, But a MUST READ!!!
2001 Animal Rights Conference

Who is Peter Singer?
The Twelve Steps Agenda
Redefining Pet Overpopulation
Fighting Animal Rights With an Attitude
Animal Rights or Animal Welfare?
Stark Raving Mad
"Owner" to "Guardian"
Bovine badinage
Before It's Too Late!!!
(This article should be weekly required reading for EVERYONE who raises any species of animals.)

Human Interest and
          Animal Stories

I Had A Dream Last Night...
Extinct...gone as we know it...

Want to see what "Kicker" is up to?
The Rat Trap! (Excellent!)
Happy Cows Make PETA Sad

Its a Boy! (Birth Announcement)
Read about the CEC
Harmless Green Snake
4-H Visits Hunte Corp.

Farm Goes to the Dogs
It's Raining Deer
Sled Dog Seizure
Deer in T&C
If I Were the Devil (Paul Harvey)

Favorite Links of The

MoFed Archives

And Now...For the Lighter Side...

Be Sure to check out:
I Have Met The Enemy

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Mission Statement

"Our goal has always been and shall always be to protect the rights of animal owners and enthusiasts against the devastating effects of the animal rights movement."

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Opinion Issued August 13, 2013, by
Supreme Court of
 This ruling by the Supreme Court of Missouri upheld the judgement of the original court Against HSUS concerning shelter fees for shelters and rescues.

Letter from Frank Losey to Wayne Pacelle

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"Dealing with the “Humaniacs,” in Ten Easy Lessons"
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If We Don't Stand Together,
We Don't Stand A Chance.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile,
hoping that it will eat him last."
Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, 1874-1965

For the truth about HSUS, click here.

(For the Hi.-Res. version, LONG download, click here. )
(For a smaller version, faster download, click here. )
(Posted 5-27-2009)

 To see a Different Video About HSUS, go here. 
WARNING, some of the pictures in this video
are not pleasant.
(Posted 5-26-2009)

Two web pages with information on the
STRATEGIC PLAN to"Spay/Neuter the HSUS."

1. Sportsmen's & Animal Owners' Voting Alliance
2. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America

And NOW, for a couple of quotes
that are examples of
"Christianity is our foe.
If animal rights is to succeed, we must destroy the Judeo-Christian religious tradition."
Peter Singer
(Who is Peter Singer?)
"My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture"

John Paul "JP" Goodwin

(Goodwin, previously of the "Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade" has now been hired by and works for HSUS.)

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