4-H Group Visits Hunte Corporation

I had the pleasure of visiting the Hunte Corporation as part of my 4-H group today, the 6th of April, 2002. It is an exceptionally, clean, well-run facility where the very best of care is given to all animals.

The first stop was in the puppy housing area, a well-lit facility that has the BEST ventilation I have ever been in! Even though there were several hundred puppies in this LARGE climate controlled (72-74 degrees) room, there was no smell of urine, feces, or even cleaning solution! The only smell was dog food. The air in the room is changed 40 times an hour, making it nearly the same as a laminar-flow room in a hospital. To add to this, the wash-downs are cleaned EVERY 30 minutes!

The puppies are in large cages on coated wire. Most were happily sleeping, playing, or making "music". They had Lixit Water bottles filled with electrolyte solution. They are given vitamin supplements twice daily, and I didn't see a sick puppy anywhere!

The wash room contained several sinks, and a large drying facility that would be the envy of anyone. Once washed, the pups are placed in a cubical attached to a dryer, and blown dry by a gentle breeze.

The surgery and sick pups are housed in two totally separate wings. The Surgery has state-of-the art equipment, and is well suited to doing multiple surgeries a day without a drop in quality.

Overall, I thought there was a wonderful caring attitude here, very quiet, loving towards the animals. After all, what's more adorable than a puppy?!? There are people near the puppies at all times. They are looked at, and if not responding, handled and checked out to see if they are OK. There were usually about 10 people in there giving supplements, changing waterers, etc. etc. etc. Resident Veterinarians check in puppies 2 days out of the week, making sure they are visually disease free, and have no structural defects.

Their hearts, knees (nothing over grade 2 is accepted), hernias, and testes are checked. They are also checked as they leave for pet stores. When it's time for the puppies to move out, they are placed in a truck that is set up almost identically like the kennel areas, only smaller cages. They are on wire floors that drain into a wash-down. The puppies are NEVER in their own feces or urine, and are checked very frequently during their trip.

The Hunte Corporation also has state-of-the-art puppy shipping methods. The puppies are placed in a cage area almost identical of that in their kennel, although somewhat smaller (to cut back on motion stress). The trucks are superior in their ventilation, and are outfitted with Thermo-King heaters. They also have an excellent drainage system to keep the puppies CLEAN and DRY at all times.

I would like to add that I am totally unbiased about this whole thing, except the use of the term PUPPY MILL! I would like to quote one of the veterinarians Dr. Sam Harkey. "We DO NOT buy from puppy mills! And, we only buy from USDA licensed breeders." The USDA's rules are so strict that you couldn't operate a puppy mill.

Although the optimum situation would be to raise all dogs in the house, and sell them out the door, some people don't have that option. So, they turn to a clean, caring company like the Hunte Corporation to sell their puppies.

This account is written by a person who is…18 yrs. old and of her OWN opinion!!

Mofed would really like to thank this 4-H Club member for taking the time to write her account of the group's visit to the Hunte Corporation and for sharing it with us. We also appreciate her granting us permission to place it here on our site so that our visitors can enjoy it.

She asked me to add that the Hunte Corporation is NOT a breeding facility, and that they just BUY puppies.


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