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This page has a collection of posters, flyers and articles. You are welcome to print, copy and hand out.

  Fliers and Hand Outs:




1. "Surprised" is a flyer produced by "Humane Watch." It is a very good one page flyer and the pictures of the dogs on it are perfect.

"Humane Watch" is an organization whose sole purpose is to "watch" HSUS and to share with us what they find that HSUS is up to. Their website is www.humanewatch.org.

2. How Can You Do The Most Good? What does HSUS really do with their money? We may not know exactly where they spend it but we do know that very little of it goes for the benefit of animals. This sheet tells a little story to help you understand just how little HSUS does that helps animals.

3. Next we have a collection of fliers put out by the American Kennel Club (AKC) which can be downloaded and used as handouts.

The First sheet talks about your right to own and breed your dogs.

 The Second sheet is entitled, "Where did all the dogs go?"

The Third flyer outlines what AKC suggests a person do to be
A Responsible Dog Owner.

4. "Don't let the camel get his nose under our tent!" This is a flyer to use with agriculture people to remind them that they are next.

5. Did You Know That..... Written by Frank Losey, it is two pages long and can be printed on one sheet of paper, front and back. It contains many little known facts about HSUS, many of them startling!

This is a Great document to give to anyone with an open mind about HSUS.

It would also be very valuable to give to anyone who thinks that HSUS is an organization which occupies a space just a little above the angels. Unless the person reading it has his/her mind made up and doesn't want to be confused by the facts, I don't see how the mind would not be changed, permanently.

6. Seven (7) Things about HSUS This two sided hand-out, produced by the "Center for Consumer Freedom," is very educational with lots of information about HSUS. Even though it does not mention Prop B it does give more insight into HSUS who is the money behind, and much of the "push" behind, Prop B.


2. "We’ve Been Sacked by the Humane Society" an article written by Joe 'The Plumber' Wurzelbacher, and presented on the "BIG GOVERNMENT" website, really tells it like it is.