Who Are My Legislators??
How do I get contact information for them??
Missourians are lucky that our State Senate sponsors a "Legislator Lookup" page on their website. You can use it to get the information you need to contact your legislators.

If you don't know who your Senators or your Representatives are, go to: http://www.senate.mo.gov/llookup/leg_lookup.aspx

This Legislator Locator page will give you who your Senators and Representatives are and their contact information.





You will need to know your 9-digit zip code BUT there is a link on the Locator page to the Post Office site which will help you figure out your 9-digit zip code.
Once you have your 9-digit zip code enter it into the boxes provided on the Locator page.
Hit "Submit" and you will get a page which lists your Senator and Representative.


Click on the Legislator's name to get phone numbers and contact information.
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