Poem for My Son

This poem is by a cowboy poet but I think
it strikes to the heart of the matter. He wrote
this for his son to try to explain why their way
of life is in danger of being taken away from them.
It is directed more toward the environmentalists
but it applies to the animal rights movement also.

Copyrighted by Don Hinkley

They're goin' to take it from you, son,
If you don't get off your ass!
They want to take your Winchester.
They're goin' to take the grass.

They're organized and funded,
Have the media on their side.
They say our life and culture's passed,
And it's time for it to die.

They're goin' to take your animals,
Your saddle horse and team.
They say your animals have rights,
"Let's get with the mainstream."

They're goin' to take the water, too
You don't need to irrigate.
But for their desires, it's imperative.
Better act 'fore it's too late.

Our urban brothers are ignorant
'bout where their food comes from.
Their streets are filled with violence,
Ruled by hoodlums with guns

They fear the whole world's goin' to pot,
The way their cities seem to do.
They respond, knee-jerk, reactionary.
So it's up to me and you

To educate our urban friends
'bout the rural lives we live.
We can have a world that works for all
If we're willing to take and give.

We've made mistakes on how we use
The bounty of the range.
Our resources we must husband now.
We all must make some change.

But we can't let the elitist few
Control our lives and fate.
We must be politically involved
Before it's too late.

We can't sit and whine and fret.
We have to stand and fight.
Get on the phone; get out the pen.
Legislators you must write.

Our power is in the voting booth.
We must represent our side
Or we will lose those blessed rights
For which our fathers fought and died.

So, son, you'd better get involved.
You have to make a stand
To protect what's near and dear
To us, who make a livin' on the land

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