American Animal Right
Of Use and Ownership Act

Petition Recipients: Thad Cochran, Marion Berry, George W. Bush
Sent: Oct 08, 2000

"We, the undersigned,

Believe that the Federal government should protect our rights as American citizens, and our rights as citizens of the States we live in.

It is our contention that federal law should not interfere with commercial or private use of animals; should not interfere with private ownership of animals and/or use taxpayer funds to deny private ownership of animals; should not prevent the use of public or private land for animal rights/welfare issues that do not interfere with the protection of endangered species; should not use taxpayer funds to support any program that will deny any private property control of animals; should not use taxpayer funds to fund projects that promote animal rights/welfare issues at the expense of our individual rights, and should not use taxpayer funds to limit the use of animals as private property."

We demand fair representation in writing new laws to address the issue of animal use, one that will preserve our right of use of animals, and protect private citizens from harassment and oppression at the hands of those who would rob us of our individual American rights.We propose the 'American Animal Right Of Use and Ownership Act.'

The Board Members of The Missouri Federation
of Animal Owners Support this petition
and have asked that their members sign it.

The petition drive has now ended and the Signed Petition
has been presented to the Elected Officials
listed at the
Following site:


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